When God is Quiet

I go through seasons where it seems God is everywhere. I hear His voice in music and Scripture jumps off the page like it was written just for me. I see Him in my kids’ smiles and hear Him in their laughter. Even a hot cup of coffee feels like a gift. But then there are the seasons He seems to be quiet, and at times difficult to find. When I close my eyes while singing or pray at the end of the day, it feels like there’s no one on the other side. It can be discouraging and there were times in my life when I would have interpreted silence for abandonment. 

But after I sort through my insecurities and remind myself of His faithfulness at other times in my life, I can see the silence as an opportunity. The withdrawal of His closeness, the softening of His voice can be a call to move closer and dig deeper.

Recently I felt like I was drifting, not really pursuing anything, just living life day to day. I felt stuck in a routine, repeating patterns of days, patterns of stress, and not feeling real passion or motivation to move in any particular direction. 

But this time instead of staying stuck and accepting silence, I started to change my perspective and asked if it was possible God was trying to teach me something. Maybe His silence is a way to get my attention. Maybe silence is a statement in a life filled with noise. And maybe He wasn’t actually silent at all. 

I have the not-so-unique ability to fill every second of my life with something to do. I’m the queen of lists. I even have a back-up list for if I finish my urgent to-do’s. So silence is almost palpable; I feel the absence of noise. 

Some of you may have read the title and wanted to shout, “Quiet? You must mean silent, almost absent, right?” And sometimes it does feel that way. But God is never absent. He may pull back and He may speak softer, but He’s never completely gone. Because He is “I Am” (See Rev 1:8). He always was and He always will be. 

But what do we do when He seems far away, when His voice is difficult to discern from the noise that engulfs our lives? 

Read the Word

The Word is alive and active (See Hebrews 4:12). It is the very Word of God. When we open the pages and read the stories, we get to know Him. We can admire His attributes – His power, faithfulness, and glory. We can see how God has moved before and observe His silence in the lives of our heroes.

“Why, O Lord, do you stand far away? 

Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?”

Psalms 10:1

Connect with a Friend

Friends have an amazing way of providing prospective. When we admit our struggles and confess our mini-meltdowns, friends can offer support and a safe space to process our circumstances. Just having a listening ear is sometimes all we need to see that God isn’t as far away as we think. He’s in a smile, a hug, and sincere endeavors to help. 

If you don’t have a friend you can go to in times of need, I encourage you to read The Importance of Christian Friends.

Go Outside

Standing in creation is a tangible way to connect with the Creator. Feel the sunshine on your face. Close your eyes and sense the warmth. Watch the grass dance and the leaves flutter in the wind. Take a moment to notice the clouds drifting by. Listen to the rain falling on the ground. Breathe in some fresh air for fresh revelation. He created it all and He wants us to take joy in the works of His hands. 

When God is quiet, maybe He’s calling for us to come find Him. Maybe instead of waiting for Him to show up, we need to go searching for Him.

Sometimes when God is quiet, it’s to prepare us for something big. And He wants to make sure we’re listening. 

Is God quiet in your life right now? What are some ways you can go looking for Him? How can you pursue stillness in your life so you can hear His voice?

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