What Does a Transformed Life Look Like?

And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:18 NIV

After writing the post about the role of the Holy Spirit in transforming our hearts, I was thinking, “Yes, but what does a transformed life actually look like? I wanted it to be defined. I wanted it to fit in a box, with neat little boundaries. I thought I’d be able to write a list, complete with check boxes; these are the qualities of a person with a new heart. But God reminded me He doesn’t color inside the lines and cannot be contained in a box. When I considered a transformed life, He revealed His infinite creativity and the countless ways He can work through a transformed heart

Living with a transformed heart means living

beyond ourselves, beyond our capabilities, beyond our reality.

Sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance.

It looks like surrender.

It looks like a soul available – searching for assignment. Whether in seasons of preparation, testing, suffering, rest.

It’s a heart that knows God is all around, in every situation. Finding God and His work in all places.

Open arms. Open hearts.

Willing to be changed. Willing to grow. Willing to move. Willing to sacrifice. Willing to stand.

A life rooted in a secure identity as a redeemed, chosen, loved child of God.

A person who knows God is real; God is love; God is present.

Though the circumstances here, now may not be good, they trust God is coming back to make it good and the bad now is nothing compared to the coming glory.

It’s someone who knows there’s more than this present reality; our present situation, the present difficulty.

It looks completely different than everyone else.

A heart always seeking the face and will of God.

A soul abiding.

A life of supernatural wonder. A life with a new heart sees miracles.

It’s also a life that sees as much brokenness and pain as miraculous intervention.

It’s a heart peaceful in the tension of good and evil, resting in the promise that Christ will return and restore creation to its original beauty.

It’s being present where God is present – among the poor, oppressed, and marginalized.

A transforming heart draws closer to God, even in pain, knowing that we were created in His image and through the blood of His Son, we are slowly molded into our true selves.

It is an awareness of the life of God’s Word and its ability to sink deep into our pores, changing us from the inside out.

It’s a picture you paint together.

A love story between the Creator and created.

A journey, a pursuit, an adventure. Up’s, downs, pauses, and sprints.

Trusting in times of darkness, tension, and the unknown.

Faithful regardless of circumstances and perception.

A belief that God is bigger than everything we can see,

Knows more than we can ever know.

Often it means trusting He knows the way when we feel lost.

Even in the dark, when we strain to see light on the horizon, when we cling to the words He spoke thousands of years ago. Even when it’s work to get out of bed.

Even then we trust.

God’s constant call is, “Trust me.” A transformed heart…does.

So we hope against hope, knowing the Kingdom of God is near, God is good, and He loves His children.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

God, I pray that you would strip me of all that hinders my relationship with you. Peel away the layers of sin, the habits of my past, and draw me closer. Transform me into the woman you created me to be. I trust you…now and always. Amen.

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I'm a wife, mom of two, and lover of Jesus. I believe through Him we are transformed and receive new life, giving us unique purpose.

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  1. Such a wonderful lesson as we come together and remember Who our trust is in. Lord grant that Your Holy will be done in our lives.

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