A Prayer for Refreshing

Sometimes I pray most effectively when I write my prayers. It helps me organize my thoughts and gives me a way to look back on God’s faithfulness in my life. Today I want to share a prayer not just for me but for us as we fight the busyness of life to give time to God.

Father, we come to you drained of energy, distracted from purpose, and drowning in expectations.

Rescue us from

    Endless fatigue

    Aimless pursuit

    And comparison.

Take the loads we carry and replace them with Your peace.

We enter Your Presence, ready to be quiet, and stand in awe

        Of Your greatness

        Your Holiness

        Your power.

Grant us a refreshed spirit and a renewed mind so we may see You, and the world around us.

Get us out of our heads and into: our families, our marriages, our occupations, our churches, our community, our world.

Restore our joy and give us eyes for Your Presence in us and around us.

May we, if just for a moment, take our gaze from: Our problems, our busyness, our burdens

    And give it to you.

We lay our whole selves on the altar in this moment.

Teach us to surrender a greater and greater portion of our lives, our hearts to You.

We trust in: Your will, Your way, Your timing.

Build the courage to depend on You, to know where we’re going, to know what’s best, to be in control.

Mold us, mold our lives until we are conformed to You.

Eyes on You, Lord.

Eyes on You.

Shift our gaze from lives bent toward chaos, a culture careening toward destruction.

Be our True North, the orientation in our confusion.

Eyes on You.

Ground us in Your promises.

Lead us in Your love.

Realign our lives to Your path, Your purpose.

We praise You for being the God who: hears, sees, knows. Us.

Kindle a new fire in our spirits today, Lord.

Let us walk only toward You.


About megstoike

I'm a wife, mom of two, and lover of Jesus. I believe through Him we are transformed and receive new life, giving us unique purpose.

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