About Me

Hi, I’m Meg.

I married the first man I met on the first day of college. I was a month shy of my 18th birthday trying to find a ride to the Honors College welcome picnic. He had a car and after a clumsy introduction from another new acquaintance and a more awkward handshake, we were bonded for life. We married almost six years later embarking on an even crazier adventure than college could provide.

Five months after marrying, we started tutoring at-risk kids in a low-income neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Less than two years after that, we bought a house in the neighborhood.

It was in that house that our relationship with God was first strained, then deepened. We lived and served there for nine years, having two whacky kids along the way. In 2017 we decided to relocate our family to the suburbs.

I’m passionate about bringing God’s love to this world through His people. And I want to have honest conversations about what it means to follow Jesus. Because I know what it’s like to feel lost in the church. I know how it feels to fall flat on my face serving Jesus. I have questioned, doubted, and outright walked away from God. I often thought Him distant, angry, and vindictive. And I know the pain of hiding behind the perfect Christian mask. I wore it for a long time.

God wants you to know you don’t have to have it all together or do all the right things. God loves us as we are, where we are and calls us forward into a life of true freedom. The truth is, He loved you first, long before you ever turned around to love Him.

Let’s get real, honest. Let’s leave the masks off and explore what it really means to pursue Christ.

Who we are.

How we grow.

What we do.

I write this blog to bring women together in a safe and positive space in order for us to grow in faith and to be equipped to live out our God-given purposes in this life. My dream is for women in Christ to step up and take our place doing Kingdom work around the world; and that we would have the faith and confidence to meet the needs of the people around us.

A New Heart Life is a community where we can share not only our triumphs and success, but also our fears and failures. Because I believe Christ is coming back. And I want us all to be part of the restoration of His good creation.

I hope we can laugh, learn, and grow together so we can all go out and serve a world in need of the love of Jesus. Because being a Christian is not just about how we’ve been loved but about how we love others with a heart transformed by Grace.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

2 Corinthians 5:17